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We promise to be nice and we ask for the same in return!

Please be respectful.  Please refrain from the usage of foul or demeaning language.  I will treat you as a gentleman and being treated like a lady is the only acceptable treatment that will be accepted.  Upon your arrival, please place your gift in plain site where your model can see.  Please try to arrive on time.  We understand things happen such as traffic, etc... but please be considerate of our time and yours as time starts at appointment time not arrival time.  Please respect the time and availability of our Models.  

Any extension of time shall be done by mutual agreement.  If the model agrees, please tend to all accommodations and arrangements prior to extending the time.  This will ensure that the extended time we spend can be enjoyable.

Screening is required to ensure safety.  The discretion of the models is of the upmost importance as is yours.  For any public outings please use the utmost discretion.

Finally and most importantly, be a gentleman.  This will be reciprocated and appreciated.  We truly appreciate you and strive to make things as memorable and fantasy fulfilling as possible. 

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